Mixed Martial Arts Training Center

Carlos Catania Martial Arts Instructor

Carlos Catania


  • BJJ Black Belt Resident Instructor
  • BJJ Black Belt (from BJJ Red Belt -Sergio Penha)
  • Krav Maga Instructor
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2003 Grapplers Edge Absolute Champion
  • 2003 NAGA Expert Division Champion
  • 2001 BJJ World Championships Competitor
  • 2000 NAGA Absolute Division Champion
  • 1999 NAGA Advanced Division Champion
  • 1999 NY Grappling Challenge Champion
  • 1st Place Gracie United Tournament

Carlos Catania, a native New Yorker and athlete, was introduced to the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts through the esteemed Royler Gracie in 1997. A dedicated training regime with Royler Gracie in Basking Ridge, NJ. Carlos dedicated himself to the mats, competing in regional, national and international competitions, including the IBJJF World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After an 8-year partnership with Royler Gracie, who awarded his White, Blue, Purple and Brown Belts, Carlos decided to branch out within the BJJ community. He partnered with teammate Mike Monica and opened The Combat Zone in Fairfield, NJ. Feeling that he had competed with the best of the best to date, Carlos began traveling extensively to broaden his skill set and technique, looking for the next challenge.

In Las Vegas, a life changing experience occurred when he entered the Las Vegas Combat Club and met Sergio Penha, who opened his eyes to a whole new world. Within an hour, Carlos realized the power of a 45 year old man, 100 Kilos, and immediately fell in love with Sergio’s aggressive, no-mercy approach. The two forged a bond and Sergio became an immediate source of inspiration for Carlos. After three years of rigorous training, Penha awarded Carlos his Black Belt in 2006, which is one of less than a handful of Black Belts awarded by Penha in the US. Carlos holds that moment and his lifelong bond with Sergio Penha, his mentor, friend, and most fierce competitor, as his greatest honor and achievement in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After his pivotal years in Las Vegas with Penha and rolling with the likes of Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin, Heath Herring, Stephan Bonnar and many other top contenders, Carlos attributes his achievements to dedication, discipline, and an open- minded approach to the various styles and forms that he has encountered over the last 13 years. He has reached a stage in his life where he wants to share his appreciation and passion for the Mixed Martial Arts by giving back to a sport that has given him so much over the years.


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